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Suits & Sneakers

Suits & Sneakers Fashion Event

AZ Royalty Salon proudly sponsored the star-studded Suits & Sneakers Fashion Party hosted by Rick Ross and Jay Glazer during Super Bowl LVII Week. Aligning with the W Hotel's opulence, we transformed the venue with pop-up styling stations, providing bespoke hair services that married the event's unique suits-meets-sneakers flair. Our team's expertise was on full display, offering touch-ups and creating sophisticated styles that captivated celebrities, athletes, and VIPs alike. This partnership not only showcased our commitment to luxury and style but also cemented our status as a leading salon where sports, fashion, and elite grooming converge.



At AZ Royalty Salon, we're honored to partner with LagosPHX, a beacon of cultural and entrepreneurial spirit. Embracing their mission of empowerment and diversity, our stylists infuse each bespoke hair service with respect for cultural identity, becoming advocates for inclusive beauty. Our collaboration transcends hairstyling; it's a commitment to community upliftment and mentorship, fostering growth among minority beauty professionals. We stand with LagosPHX at the crossroads of culture and commerce, proud to weave inclusivity into the fabric of our work, exemplifying the union of beauty, community, and shared prosperity in a vibrant, diverse tapestry.

Phoenix Fashion Week

Phoenix Fashion Week

As the featured hair salon for Phoenix Fashion Week 2023, we at AZ Royalty Salon proudly crafted trendsetting hairstyles that captivated the runway. Our skilled team blended innovation with classic elegance to transform models' tresses into masterful statements that complemented each designer's vision. Embracing collaboration and a client-first ethos, we used top-quality products to ensure every look was not only striking but also healthy. As attendees eagerly anticipated our daily style revelations, we became more than stylists; we were fashion influencers, leaving a mark with our artistry. AZ Royalty Salon is a testament to the transformative power of passionate styling in the fashion world.